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  • In the early 1970's when my Dad, Brother and I first started musky fishing, we decided to go out at at about 11:00 at night and hit Flemings bar on the Chippewa Flowage.  All three of us were casting a different lure, my brother in front, I in the middle, and my Dad in back.  In was a calm night and nobody was talking, all you could hear was our lures hitting the water and the surface lure coming to the Boat.  My brother who was standing in the front of the boat was using a bucktail and back then nobody really was practicing the figure eight.  All of a sudden as he brought his bucktail out of the water at the end of his retrive, I thought he jumped in!  The boatside splash was enormous! It must have been a 30-40 pound class fish!  Never even saw it but that splash made all three of us re-think our first time night fishing for muskies.

  • This past summer I seriously started to fish baits that I make. I was on a strong weed edge pattern and had caught a few fish with store brand lures... well I started to pull-pause a Jailbird version of the crank bait I was working on. I quickly got 2-3 follows but no takers... My wife was very excited as it was the first time she had actually seen a muskie!  Decided to drift off the spot and come back a little later... work the weedline in a similar fashion but change the bait.

    Well ... 20 min later I approached from the same angle, with the same bait but in a natural walleye pattern. First cast... 'Fish on!!' I reeled in a very pretty 37"... 'That was cool!' I tell myself. Remembering that I had moved a few other fish off that spot I quickly went back to the pull pause retieve of a few minute previous. On the second cast after the first fish 'Fish on!'.... I immidiately feel the greater weight and pull of this fish. 'This is a good one!' I yelled at my wife. 'Grab the net!', Which hadn't stopped dripping from the first fish. After a very satisfying battle, that included a few prayers, my wife nets the fish. 'YAHOO!!! Thats a good one!' The bump board verifies my feelings and the 46''s of her length set the high water mark for the season!

    Several elements made this day sooooo special. 1. I was with my wife. 2. It was the first time she had seen a muskie 3.First time she had netted a muskie (which she did better than a lot of supposed experienced muskie hunters...) 4. It was the biggest fish of the year 5. I stalked the location applying information I had gathered 6. I returned onto the spot with minute changes to give those followers a different look... but not that different. And last but not least 7. I landed the biggest fish of the season on my own hand made bait! What an incredibly satisfying sequence of events. 

  • It was early spring in upstate NY.  My buddy Ty and I had been hunting musky for the past year and after striking out on every trip in the previous summer/fall we were both bitter going into the winter months.  Fortunately in this day and age we have the internet to feed our addiction via retail therapy, research and online forums during the long Upstate NY winters.  As the shallow bays in some of our local musky waters began to open up we agreed on our first target.  Neither of us got much sleep the night before as the excitement of putting our first ski in the boat was almost too much to allow our brains to shutdown knowing tommorrow could be the day.  It was a brisk overcast morning, at only 28 degrees at 6AM, it was a little chillier than was forecasted but we weren't going to be delayed any longer.  We made it onto the water without any setbacks.  There was still some ice on the water but nothing that obstructed our trip to "the bay" - the conveted location where we both swore we would have our first hookup.  Neither of us had ever been in a boat when a muskie was landed but we knew this would be the spot.   After a near miss with a potential day ender log/iceberg and some titanic jokes, we settled in near some rock structure.  Working a dual pronged strategy he started with some top water presentations while I went lower in the water column.  We weren't on the water an hour before she hit. After I exclaimed in excitement and braced for the fight, my partner asked me if I still had em on.  There was no question about that as we both looked on in awe as the drag screamed away.  Immediately after hammering the bait she took a couple deep runs which almost proved elusive for her as I scrambled to figure out a baitcaster drag system for the first time.  Before too long we got her turned around and heading for the boat.  He had the net ready;I could barely talk to give him instruction.  I'll never forget the site as I watched the silver tongue and bright orange skirt of the Angry Dragon come up from the depths while hooked into the side of her lip - there wasn't much there.  In a time stopping moment I swear she made eye contact with me, to say "Not today buddy", as she made her final dive into the depths, this time without my new lure in her mouth.  It was a bittersweet moment.  We knew we were doing something right but it was a tough loss to be so close and miss the mid 40's and our first confirmed muskellunge.  I now know my favorite go to lure for the next time I hit the water.  My buddy asked where I got that lure to which I replied online at TnA Tackle - the same place I got this sweet shirt and hat !! He immediately scoured his box for the closest bait he had and we got back to work.  The events depicted in this story may not yet be true however it is with great anticpation they will someday be fulfilled.    

  • Taking my Dad out muskie fishing his first time, 7th cast in off a reef I was able to net his first muskie. It was an overcast day and after a lot of follows and a few misses, I was able to catch one four hours later.

  • my favorite muskie was when me and a buddy got caught in a rain and hail storm, we tried to fish through it but couldn't do it anymore so we went and got food and waited it out. once the storm passed the water got calm and was like glass. we head out and no more than 6 casts my buddy hooks into one. after a short fight I got him in the net, got the hooks out easy was talking with him or trying to over his really high excitement. and showed him how to hold the muskie and explained proper release.  well I set the fish back in the water inside the net. let go he came over to grab the muskie and all of a sudden we were in shock couldn't say anything for 5 mins because the fish jumped out of the net and said nice try, see ya later!. estimated it to be 42-43" give or take. really nice fish. was a premature release to be cause again another day. 

  • My favourite Muskie is when I was ten. My dad latched into what seemed like a monster. It was enough to scare the hell out of him when it swam by the boat. I was hanging the net over the side of the boat. He told me to put the net down and sit down because he didn’t want this thing to eat me! Hilarious. He lost the fish but it bent 2 of the trebles on the spoon past 90°. Crazy. 

  • First musky I ever landed on georgian bay, the first time fishing the spot we went too, was my biggest ever. 50.5 inches. Gotta love it!

  • Taking my father and our close family friend out fishing on Crab Lake for the first time. All of us moved fish, and all of my father's complaints about throwing heavy fishing gear (especially the cannonball jr) went away when he almost caught a 45"er in a figure 8, haha. 

  • Fishing the WI River one weeknight and, after seeing my partner boat a 42”, I proceeded to boat two 46” later that evening. 

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