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Muskie Fishing In Winter Storm! Catching Fish With 18 Inches of Snow! I go out with MAD Charters (Muskie Angler Doug) once again and once again we put fish i...
Dec 2
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Doug's number - 906-322-2653. Check out the upper Michigan Muskie fishing action! 
Nov 12

Check out my Michigan Muskie Excursion!!! Gotta Love Fat Fall Muskie!!!!
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Preview of K2fishing! Fishing for species all over the country but specializing in Muskie and Bass! Located Primarily in Wisconsin!
Sep 16
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Fishing a new section of river in Wisconsin. Gotta love the reward of pushing your comfort zone and getting away from your other spots to let them cool off.
Aug 26
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Enjoy this video of 2 nice muskies! 35.5 caught on a Keller Boys Bucktail and 43 caught on TRO Gold Dust Dr Evil! Crazy topwater follow and strike...
Aug 12
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Jul 31
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Jul 31
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Wisconsin River Muskies! Got out locally for a couple hours before a storm and had some action. Trying some shoreline that I’ve never fished. Enjoy! Have some very exciting footage coming up!!!
Jul 31
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Jul 20
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Finally get into some bigger fish! Revenge for the day before! We were fishing the same spots but just had different results! That's muskie fishing for ya!
Jul 18
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Some Cool Youtube Videos Coming Soon! Some Are Up From Earlier In The Year Now. K2fishinghttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxr9-n6fZMLs-ZMdy9xZ7O0lDR3NbhJCV 
Jul 12
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Jun 10
Kobe Keller replied to Brandyn Shepherd's discussion Favorite Muskie fishing lures to use during spring, summer, fall, and winter?
"Spring- jakes, squirrelly jakes, suicks, grandmas, narcan, phantom gliders, safety pin style spinnerbaits in the new weeds(willow leaf blade is a must) really like using the regular Swimming Dawg
Summer- the bucktails I make with double mag 10 or 8…"
Jun 2
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Jun 2






Hockey, hunting, fishing, fly fishing


Musky fishing since I was a little kid. Mostly fish the river.


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Wisconsin River

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Abu Garcia Revo S and Winch, also the Tranx, Musky Shop Rod and Legend Tournement Series

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Homemade Bucktails, Suicks, Double Dawgs, Jakes, Fat Bastard




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