West Monroe, NY


Outdoors activities with the pups, fishing, Broomball


I've caught my share of good northerns but never a musky (or even a tiger for that matter). Ever since I was a little kid running around the baitshops that my grandfather brought me to I've stared in awe at the outrageous lures hanging on the wall. I never imagined actually using one of them. I've heard legends of musky but until this summer I've never considered targeting them. I was obsessed with fishing as a kid but after my grandfather passed, my fishing passion took a backseat to organized team sports and college. After moving back close to home after college and putting a few 38''-39'' northern in a kayak I was hooked again. Still muskies were not really on my radar aside from, "yeah that would be cool someday". That was until my cousin and I started talking on our way home from a long road trip which produced a few good northerns. He was talking all this extreme stuff about 50 lb test line (always prided myself on limiting to 8lb mono), special gloves, baitcasters and hook cutters. Given the length of the car ride and my excitement from our recent catch I made the mistake of watching some musky videos on youtube. My marriage and bank account have suffered since that time (not seriously on the marriage but I'm sure you know the struggle). It's a bad habit. I have been infected since late August. I set the goal to catch a musky before year end. A friend and I put a lot of hours into a few of the nearyby waters but did not meet the goal. We had a couple hookups (of unknown beast or bass) and he had one pole taken out of the boat while trolling (lesson in watching your rod instead of holding a beer and looking at your phone). Numerous failed missions led to an increased need for spending on new lures, a boat and way too many late nights researching tactics and characteristics of each body of water. Some nice bass and northerns were had but I ultimately failed to complete the mission and thus I remain all the more hungry.


Physical Therapist

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Favorite Waters

Adirondack Park

Favorite Rods and Reels

Penn, Quantum, St. Croix

Favorite Muskie Lures

Dardevil, spinnerbaits, classic white/black rapala


16' Spectrum, 40 HP Mercury