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  • I have only fished Grindstone and Sand in the Hayward area... but, the Chippewa Flowage, Lac Courte Oreilas, and Namakagon are good as far as I have heard. Grindestone is big, clear water and Sand was small and stained when I fished it. Some good guides in the area are Scott Kieper, Ty Sennett, Tom Boley, Pete Rich, and Steve Genson. Would be a good idea to give them a call. Good luck!

  • I fish the Chippewa flowage pretty regularly. You might want to consider getting a guide, even if just for 1/2 a day. Ty Sennet (I think he's out of Deer Foot) and Tom Boley (pretty sure he's out of Treelands) and solid musky guides that can really accelerate your learning

  • Not familar on the hayward area but i know from my short time muskie fishing that an hour south of ya there is good fishing , you got rice lake , potato lake , and some others i just cant remember the names , rice lake is where i caught my first and biggest , then i caught 4 more on potato lake

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