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What are your favorite Muskie fishing lures to use throughout the year?

Spring - water temperatures below 65 degrees
Summer - 65-78 degree water temperatures
Fall - 45-65 degree water temperatures
Winter - water temperatures below 45 degrees


Here are some of my overall favorites...

6" Jake
Lil Ernie
Baby Depthraider
Regular Jointed Depthraider
SS Shad
Shallow Invader
Regular Bulldawg

Tandem Colorado Spinnerbait
Double 10 Colorado Bucktail
6" Jake
Lil Ernie
Regular Jointed Depth Raider
10" Kickin' Minnow
Magnum and Pounder Bulldawg 
Mouldy's Topper Stopper

Double 10 Bucktail
Husky Jerk
6" Jake
10" Jake
SS Shad
10" Kickin' Minnow
Magnum Bulldawg
Bondy Bait

6" Jake
6" Kalin's Magambo Grub on Jig
6" Storm Swimshad
6" Kickin' Minnow
Spring Bulldawg
Regular Bulldawg


How about you?

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  • Spring - 700 buchertail. Ghostails. Shallowraider

    Summer - top raider. Glide raider. Lake X Toad

    Fall - Glide raider, spankys blades, dusas

    Winter - don’t first for Muskies in the winter, but late  fall I break out the sucker rigs.

  • ed salvetti

    Spring:smaller Spinnerbait,smaller plastic

    Summer:Colorado Spinnerbait,Double 10 Colorado Bucktail,flatsticks,Bulldawg,topwatter

    Fall:beleavers, grandmas,Double 10 Colorado Bucktail,flatsticks,Bulldawg,Bulldawg


  • Spring- Dadson Lazers, Lake X Dr. Evil, creature baits, Headlocks for trolling, jointed shallow raider, phantom soft tail

    Summer- Dadson 9mm, Super Models, Electric Bunny, Big Bird, Lake X Fat Bastard, Cannon Ball Jr., 

    Fall- Headlock, Mattlock, 14” Jake, 9” shallow raider for trolling, mag shallow invader, medussas, bull dawgs, super model, Dadson Bullets

    Winter season is closed...

  • Spring- jakes, squirrelly jakes, suicks, grandmas, narcan, phantom gliders, safety pin style spinnerbaits in the new weeds(willow leaf blade is a must) really like using the regular Swimming Dawg

    Summer- the bucktails I make with double mag 10 or 8 blades and rabbit strips, bulldawgs, double dawgs, triple D, Medusa, fat bastard, top raider, suick

    Fall- Those homemade bucktails 10 or 8, mag swimming dawg, pounder, fat bastard, cannonball, suick

    Winter- I don’t fish this at all 

    and I bet I’m missing plenty!

  • fall is chewie time. and a few shaggin shads.

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