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What are your favorite Muskie fishing lures to use throughout the year?

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- water temperatures below 65 degrees

Summer - 65-78 degree water temperatures
Fall - 45-65 degree water temperatures
Winter - water temperatures below 45 degrees

Here are some of my overall favorites...

6" Jake
Lil Ernie
Baby Depthraider

Regular Jointed Depthraider
SS Shad
Shallow Invader

Regular Bulldawg

Tandem Colorado Spinnerbait
Double 10 Colorado Bucktail
6" Jake
Lil Ernie
Regular Jointed Depth Raider
10" Kickin' Minnow
Magnum and Pounder Bulldawg 
Mouldy's Topper Stopper

Double 10 Bucktail
Husky Jerk
6" Jake

10" Jake
SS Shad
10" Kickin' Minnow
Magnum Bulldawg
Bondy Bait

6" Jake
6" Kalin's Magambo Grub on Jig
6" Storm Swimshad
6" Kickin' Minnow
Spring Bulldawg

Regular Bulldawg


How about you?

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  • Mepps Musky killer

  • Spring

    6 inch phantom

    6inch beauzooka glide

    5.5 Wiley 

    Post spawn spinnerbait


    Double 10s



    8inch glides

    10inch jake

    Shallow invader


    Shum slim

  • Spring : tuff shad and ziggys

    Summer:double10s,Ziggy, Blue water baits, tuff shad, stiletto 

    Fall: Ziggys, blue water, 9" grandma's

    Winter: 13" grandma's and chewies 

  •  Spring -sidewinders-shallow invader-

    Summer-madussas-double nines-weagle 

    Fall-madussas --trolling -5 inch talonz

    Winter-Maddussas -bulldawgs 

  • Spring Babydepthraiders

    Summer Cowgirls

    Fall 10 inch Jakes

    Winter 10 inch Believers

  • Spring- small bucktails, glide baits

    Summer- bucktails, suicks, medussas

    Fall- suicks, Bobbie baits, medussas

    Winter- season is closed


  • Spring-Revo, jr cowgirls, narcan

    Summer-Poseidon, Double 10s, Cannonball jr, Revo

    Fall-Medussas, Pounders, Poseidon

    Winter-season closed

  • Phantom/Hellhounds, Musky Frenzy Apaches, and Spankys are my usual choices anytime.

  • 9and 10 inch jerks all year long , jionted 10 in believers , perch baits trolling all uear long

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