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Hi, I'm Jeremy Burris with the Esox Outdoors YouTUBE Channel here to talk and review the Fat Shad and Mag Shad By B&N Custom Rods and Tackle.

The Fat Shad is a 100% thru-wire, 5" cedar body lure. It is my second go-to-lure when running a trolling spread. If you are fishing a Shad based forage lake, this lure is a must have. It can be trolled or casted. The digging, hard head shaking action is guaranteed to get a rise out of any Muskie.

I do best when running these lures during the post-spawn-period until Fall. Short-lining shallow water anywhere from 8-10 foot-of-water and running them 10-15 feet behind my propwash has been very productive.

These baits out perform any other Shad-style lure I've ran.

They comes in 2 models!

You can find these baits online at, North Shore Musky Baits, or at your local Muskie trade show.

If you have any questions, contact B&N Custom Rods and Tackle on Facebook or email me at

Fat Shad: 5" thru-wire lure made from cedar and has Mustad 3551 hooks

Mag Shad: 7.5" thru-wire lure made from cedar and has Mustad 3551 hooks

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