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Hi, I'm Jeremy Burris with Esox Outdoors YouTUBE Channel here to review the Talonz Slasher series By B&N Custom Rods and Tackle.

The Slasher series are all made from red cedar. They come in many sizes from 6.5"-12" in both jointed and straight models! They have an irresistible presentation for neutral and positive mood Muskies! The Slasher series has a great, wide, side to side wobble that really throws off flash and gets those neutral Muskies attention!

I prefer to troll the Slasher 30-60 feet back in 12-18 foot-of-water where that neutral Muskie hangs out during the day, however, a lot of anglers cast these lures. I prefer casting the jointed Slasher early in the year and retrieve them slow and steady. I lost one of the biggest river Muskies of my life early in the year casting a jointed Slasher!

I would give these baits a 10/10 any day for any body of water!

You can find the Talonz Slasher online at, North Shore Musky Baits, or at your local Muskie trade show.

If you have any question please contact B&N Custom Rods and Tackle on Facebook or email me at

Models all come in straight or jointed!

Stubby Slasher: 6.5" lure made from red cedar with Mustad 3551 hooks

Slasher: 7" lure made from red cedar with Mustad 3551 hooks

Stubby Magnum Slasher: 8" lure made from red cedar with Mustad 3551 hooks

Magnum Slasher: 10" lure made from red cedar with Mustad 3551 hooks

Grubby Slasher
: Made from a shortened 8" Stubby Slasher and a shortened Kalins 10" grub paired with Mustad 3551 hooks

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