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Oct 13, 2018 to Oct 14, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of Muskies, Inc. to fish the Shootout?
No. The Shootout is open to the public! Proceeds from the Shootout go to the Brainerd Lakes Chapter of Muskies, Inc. to support their mission of Youth, Fisheries, Research and the overall improvement of muskie fishing in MN.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $160 per team. A team is described as 2 people.

Tournament Hours
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Sunday: 8am - 2pm

When does boat inspections begin and what do they include?
Boat inspections will begin at 7:15am both days of the tournament. Inspections will require livewells and compartments to be opened for officials to check for any violations. After passing boat inspection, teams will be required to sign a bump board waiver and at time the official bump board will be released to the team.

How will the teams be released to go fishing?
On Saturday the teams will be released at 8am in order of their registration. Team #1 then Team #2 and so on. Sunday, Day 2 of the tournament, teams will be released at 8am as per the leader board. 1st place on down. After leader board teams have been released then it will revert back to your registration number.

If I don’t know who is fishing with me at this time, can I still register and add my partner later?
Yes. We understand that tournament partners may change as issues arise and therefore adding a team member or changing one is not a problem. However, teams will be required to be locked in by the rules meeting Friday night, October 12. If there still is a team partner concern by that date please contact Tournament Director Jon Hagelie at or call 218-838-5670 to discuss.

Can I launch my boat at other accesses besides at Hiawatha Beach Resort?
Yes. However, you must be at the marina of tournament headquarters, Hiawatha Beach Resort, for boat inspection. No boats will be allowed to fish the tournament without daily inspections. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Can I leave my boat at the marina after tournament hours even if I’m not staying at Hiawatha Beach Resort?
Yes. There will be 50 slips available that correspond to your team number. The slip will be designated for that team during tournament days. Saturday and Sunday.

Is there a boat slip fee if I choose to leave my boat at the marina during tournament days?
The dock and launch fee is $22 per day. It will be charged at time of check in.

I already have a bump board. Can I use my own board?
No. There will be official tournament bump boards that will be handed out to each team after passing daily inspection. Bump boards will be required to be turned in after tournament hours each day.

When is the deadline to turn in our results for the day?
On Saturday the deadline is 6pm. Sunday the deadline is 2pm. All muskies called in after those times will not be allowed. It is best to call in your muskie catch immediately upon release to make sure it is recorded within tournament hours.

How do I turn in my muskie release?
At Friday nights mandatory rules/registration meeting there will be phone numbers announced that can be contacted.

Are there judge boats on the water?
The format is Catch, Photo, Release. There will not be any judges boats but there will be tournament officials monitoring the event for violations.

How do I verify my catch?
Verifying your catch will consist of 2 digital pictures. One showing the muskie on the official bump board and one with the person that caught the fish. We strongly urge everyone to bring a USB cable for their camera so pictures can be downloaded and verified. Sample pictures will be shown at the rules/registration meeting Friday night as to how to take the required pictures.

Am I required to return to Tournament Headquarters after tournament hours if I haven’t caught anything?
No. However, the official bump board must be turned back in no later than 7pm on Day 1 and 3pm on Day 2. Failure to do so will result in possible disqualification and/or reimbursement of bump board at retail cost. The signed waiver at inspection will explain conditions.

Will there be other prizes to win besides cash for placing?
Yes! There will be raffles for dozens of prizes, Big Fish Pot and door prizes to be won!

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